Ozone Odor/Germ Elimination

Parker Duct Cleaning is very proud to now offer Ozone Odor Elimination to our service menu utilizing the Ozogen 16g High Output Ozone Generator. Ozone treatment is the only method that completely removes odors at the molecular level.

ozone odor elimination machineTurn to nature’s most effective way of achieving odor elimination and sanitization through the use of ozone. The OzoGen 16g produces 16 grams of ozone per hour, making it the most powerful and effective ozone generator available. Many industrial ozone generators produce only 2 – 4 grams of ozone per hour, never producing the concentration of ozone required to effectively do the job. OzoGen delivers high concentrations of ozone quickly, ensuring the eradication of tough odors quickly and permanently.

  • Anywhere you wish to remove odors from your workplace, home or vehicle, ozone treatment is the answer.
  • Ozone is unequaled in its ability to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize.
  • Ozone is completely non-residual, leaving behind only clean, pure oxygen.
  • Ozone helps eliminate bacteria and germs.

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